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I’ve known designers who have some of the most remarkable and inspiring design concepts but lack the means to develop them further or take them to market. Valsfer is the place that I recommend you designers explore – it’s the new sizzling connect that allows brilliant product designs come alive! A truly global destination, this new platform allows product designers to license their design concepts to brand companies. At the same time, the designers can introduce their products to distributors and crack some kick-ass deals!

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As a marketplace for worldwide product designers who can make their design concepts come true. Valsfer also implements best practices, to provide a range of high-quality design services to clients. Designers will have opportunities to work closely with brand companies and deliver their best concepts upon requests. They even get a chance to become involved with the newest tech products’ designing process.

Simply submit your design here to introduce yourself to Valsfer worldwide brand companies.

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Designs from Valsfer Global Design Community:

Kandallo by FORMKNAST


Stellar Hoverboard by Coban 


TERRA: A Better Assisted Living Community by Camdenleefoley 


Stone Watch by Watchmadeofsomething