The Simplicity Of Framing In A Classy Way

Right from the ones picked up at concert gigs to the motivational ones found in the office cubicle, there is a poster for every occasion, and admit it … who doesn’t love putting up posters. STiiCKs Frames are the simplest, most well crafted frame ever and are infinitely reusable. They are the sorts that take care of your posters and allow you to hang them without damaging the precious picture.

STiiCKs uses real wood strong magnets and is crafted using four thin strips of solid American hardwood, the frames are embedded with super-strong neodymium magnets. One of the main purposes of using neodymium magnets to sandwich your artwork between the wooden sticks, is to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged. To seal the deal, furniture-grade lacquer or paint lends the frame an acid-free finish. Moreover, each set is crafted by hand in Chicago.

We spoke with Brandon Knowlden, the designer and this is what he said, “I’ve been an artist all my life and have been collecting gig posters for years now. They’re handmade, beautiful – and inexpensive. But 3 prints turned into 10, which turned into 20 and so on. Framing can turn into a massive expense very quickly, but it’s also not very flexible with different sizes or easy to swap your art. Coming up with STiiCKs was our way to change that conversation. We looked at the traditional frame and were very calculated to remove everything we could. Magnets don’t wear out, not having glass means it can’t break – that sort of thing. We’re very proud of the STiiCKs magnetic framing kit and think you will be too.”

Elaborating further on the idea behind the project, Brandon says, “STiiCKs are a response to a new way of thinking. That “smarter” is the new “harder”, that simpler is most often better and that the things we make should last. A size-agnostic floating magnetic frame was simply a response to how we see the world. Framing just happened to be our first target.”


  • Black STiiCks – Flat-Black STiiCKs are made from solid American Maple finished with furniture-grade paint and a matte lacquer top-coat.
  • Oak STiiCKs – Oak STiiCKs are made from solid American Oak finished with furniture-grade matte lacquer.

Designer: Brandon Knowlden [ Buy it Here ]