Friday Giveaway: Tweet And Win Three Vino Arielle Wine Aerator

Winners: David F, Diana C & Haley W.

We have discussed the Vino Arielle and its benefits on YD and now it’s time to give you ThreeFor Free! To say that we expect you to do NOTHING in return would be So False! We need you to tweet “Vino Arielle: Instant Aeration, Fuller Flavor, Better Aroma, Best Wine Aerator. Follow @Yanko Design retweet to win one of the three”. To refresh your memory on how this thing works, take a peek ahead…

vino arielle™ is designed based on the principle of fluid mechanics, intelligently introducing the ideal amount of air into your wine through a seemingly simple yet precisely calculated mechanism. It is also made from food-grade plastic materials.

1. When wine is poured through, the filter serves to retain and remove any sediments in the wine resulting in purer wine and also act as the first aeration process.

2. As wine flows through the openings on the filter, the right amount of air is drawn through the centre shaft of the aerator into the mixing chamber thereby oxygenating the wine.

3. Vortices are then formed as the wine exit the aerator and these bubbles will aerate the wine for the second time.

You can buy one here at the YD Store or Tweet and Win!

Contest Ends: February 21st, 11:59 pm PST Contest Closed

Vino Arielle Wine Aerator