Good Design Award 2016 is here and YOU HAVE to participate NOW!


My Good Design Award 2015 book finally arrived and has brought back a flood of memories from the past year! In retrospect, I think I have had the most valuable experience in Mid Town Tokyo, than in any lifetime as an editor for Yanko Design. It was my second trip and kinda knew what to expect; yet my Japanese hosts managed to surprised me with the events and winning talents showcased. First things first, the new round is upon us – if you are a designer, design studio, manufacturer or just about anyone who fits this list of categories … the entries are open NOW and through June 1st, 2016. Get going and apply right away.

Now back to memory lane and a list of details on how you too can benefit from a Good Design Award under your belt. The good people at Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JIDP) helped me discover a world of possibilities and the in-depth thought process that goes behind the mechanics of the awards. Not many of you may be aware of this, but almost 85% of the Japanese population relate to the Good Design Awards, and during the exhibition week, almost all stores (example: MUJI) and Malls, go the extra mile, to showcase the award-winning products and services.


What this means is that the general population is highly aware of the value of Good Design, right from their formative years. Although, the history of this award saw it being more catered towards industrial and manufactured products; over the years there has been a shift towards consumer goods and services, public wellness programs and habitats.


Amongst the many winners, I had a close encounter with two companies: Tanagram Factory Inc. (South Korea) and Balmuda Inc. The former is the maker of the Smart Rope – an LED embedded jump rope (Featured On YD Here) and Steam Toaster. In other parts of the world, we have Electrolux pioneering the steam oven, but this toaster is a testimony on how to make a perfectly crisp buttery toast!


The grand jury prize for 2015 went to designer Satoshi Sugie – WHILL Co., Ltd. for the WHILL Model A, a personal mobility vehicle. Likewise, in the past 59 years, around 43,000 designs have been recognized by the awards!

To quote them, “The Good Design Award is not a competition to determine the superiority or inferiority of a design. Instead, it assesses designs from the perspective of whether or not it enriches life or society – in other words, the effect and use of that design.”

If you are awarded a Good Design Award, you can harp that your entry is an example of society-leading good design.

What’s in it for you!

Good Design Award winners are awarded with an Award Certificate for each winning entry. Recipients of the Good Design Best 100 and Special Awards will also be presented with a trophy. The Award recipients are featured in the online gallery along with a summary of comments from the jury outlining what points of each design were highly evaluated. Winners are invited to participate in an exhibition of the year’s winning designs, the G Exhibition. This event is attended by the design industry influencers, as well as distributors, members of the press, students, international guests and inspectors, and the public. The awards ceremony hosted at the G Exhibition, as well as to an informal gathering with members of the jury afterwards, is quite a highlight. The use of the G Mark, as proof of the award along with a feature in the Good Design Award annual, add to the list of benefits.

For a detailed overview, read here.

Reminder: the entries are open NOW and through June 1st, 2016. Apply Now!
Reminder Again: Part Two with details jury interview and winners’ interview, coming up soon!