A Universally Appealing Remote


Remember when all your phone did was make calls? Then came text messages, then games, then the music player, radio, camera, internet-capabilites, and then the phone just became a really tiny computer that could control other internet enabled devices around you. Now that’s just a little too much for me. I’m fine with manually switching on my lights, or using a remote to change channels on my TV. The Smart Remote really fits my requirement here because I don’t see my mobile phone as a controlling device. Designed as a universal remote with just the right amount of functionality and a lovely clean aesthetic, the Smart Remote will free your mobile of a couple of useless apps. It can control your TV, Hi-Fi sound system, the lights or the temperature in your house. It really enables you, and gives your mobile phone the breather it needs because hey, what if we want to make calls and adjust the thermostat at the same time?

Designer: Elium Studio for SevenHugs