This self-cleaning hoodie was designed (in part) for the homeless

The hoodie is the ultimate piece of clothing when it comes to a carefree lifestyle. They’re the kind of clothes you can wear for over a week without washing, and honestly, who hasn’t wiped their Cheetos-crumb-coated hands on them every now and then? Don’t give me that holier-than-thou expression, I know you have. It isn’t an extremely flattering comparison, but that hoodie-wearing socially stagnant lifestyle sort of applies to the homeless too, and social impact startup Unhoused believes its clothing can knock two birds with one stone.

Meet the World’s First Self-Cleaning Hoodie. It’s comfortable, robust, and fuzzy, like every hoodie ever made… but it’s also near impossible to get dirty. Made from a fabric coated with the company’s proprietary Freshtech™ nanomaterial, the hoodie repels sweat, stains, dirt, and most liquids and fine solids. In short, whether you’re at home spilling wine on yourself while watching Too Hot To Handle (we’ve all been there), or whether it’s a homeless person spending weeks in the same clothing, the Self-Cleaning Hoodie always remains looking brand new. Oh, and it repels body-odor too, so you rarely need to wash it.

The hoodie comes with a social angle too. Developed by Varun Bhanot and Anisha Seth, the hoodie hopes to provide the homeless with secure and warm clothing. “A record 726 homeless people died in the UK last year — mostly due to cold and rough sleeping”, said the founders of Unhoused. The hoodie comes with the word Hope printed on it, as a symbol of solidarity with the underprivileged. Besides, for each hoodie bought on the Unhoused website, a free hoodie is given to a homeless person. Click on the link below to grab your own and help someone in need!

Designers: Varun Bhanot & Anisha Seth (Unhoused)

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