Record It! Edit It! Crank It!

Actually, from the looks of it, Crank It might be what you’re doing in between recording it and playing it. Check this thing right here out. It is a cellphone, but that’s the simplest of the things it does. It not only records music, it not only edits music, it not only plays that same music you just recorded and edited, it can do all this without accessing a separate computer.

0. This device is called “Ondo.”

1. Talk to a bandmate on the phone, schedule a session.

2. Hook up some nice place, time, date, enter it in your calendar (also on the phone) and invite the rest of your band.

3. Jam together all in the same place or in 3 different places in the world! Each of your mates just has to take a different clip from their phone and connect it to their instrument.

4. Record in what I can only assume is perfect quality.

5. Edit on the go! Simple controls and really weird and awesome interactive twists and turns make you an edit maestro.

6. Get to a party, wedding, or bar mitzvah, and play that track right from the phone! This is a device which is severely music-based.

Designer: Pilotfish

Ondo music recording editing and playing phone by Pilotfish