The INVISI is the ballpoint pen in its purest form

Invisi is perhaps the purest form a pen can assume, according to designer and stationery-enthusiast Raft Wong. Its no-nonsense design is minimal yet striking, with a basic cylindrical form crafted from solid brass and an equally simplistic ball-socket stand to match.

Fashioned out of machined brass billets, and designed to even retain the brushed texture achieved by the moving drill-bit, the Invisi is all about creating something visually impactful and desirable without the design details. The pen comes with a threaded cap and fits a wide variety of ballpoint and rollerball refills. It sits cleanly in its stand (with or without the cap), which can easily be positioned to angle the pen in any direction. The stand’s heavy brass construction makes it an ideal paperweight too. The Invisi Pen does away with any sort of detail, even leaving out the pocket-clip in order to retain its pure design. It does, however, come with a threaded socket at its very base that lets you screw in a separate carabiner clip, letting you easily carry the pen around by suspending it on your bag or your person. Simple yet striking, no?

Designer: Raft Wong (Rcube Design Studio)