For a Kitchen Workflow that Works


Simplify your kitchen workflow from food prep to dishwashing and clean up with the INSINK 4 in 1. Three products; the Katcher, Kaddy and Kup help streamline the process. Imagine never filling your sink to do dishes or scooping out food scraps from the sink. Imagine never having to take your cutting board to the composter/garbage to dispose of food scraps or draining your sink to replace dirty water. Now you can pre-wash dishes so you can run the dishwasher using the short cycle saving water, time and energy. INSINK 4-1 can help with all these daily chores.

The Katcher: This simple yet elegant funnel directs food scraps into the Kaddy or Kup. Scraps are contained while freeing up space on your cutting board. The Kaddy or Kup and be easily removed from the suction bar for the disposal of scraps.

The Kup: it makes soapy water always available to wash on the go so you can re-use that knife or bowl without filling up the sink or counter top with dirty dishes. It can be removed from the suction bar to clean other areas in the kitchen (stove top, counter, etc.) without tracking water all over the place. When the water gets soiled or used up simply dump, rinse, refill and reuse. No more having to refill your sink to wash dishes. Position it almost anywhere in the sink for left or right handed use and keep your hands safe as knives and sharp utensils always remain visible and not hidden under soapy water.

The Kaddy: Use it as a colander or for storage of utensils, sponges, brushes, and more. Venting holes provide drainage and airflow to help items dry minimizing bacterial growth. Use with the Katcher to rinse, drain or contain food. ​It’s easily removed from the suction bar to rinse foods under the tap.

Designer: Tonis Tollasepp