Furniture designed with hidden details that put your IKEA furniture to shame: part 5

My birthday comes up this week and my husband has decided to create a reading nook for me as a present. Being a notorious book worm, I can only wait, rather impatiently, for his plans to get completed since for sure I can’t wait to curl up in that corner! While he browses our usual haunts like IKEA to assemble this corner, I am, in a not-so-subtle attempt, going to share this collection of beautifully designed furniture designs in the hopes he picks one of these designs. Because just look at this collection! Every piece of furniture designed here shows the love of labor put into it by the designer, holding little design details you will identify and are sure to make you smile every time someone appreciates your stellar choice of furniture!

Distinguished by its elegant formal shape and enhanced by its large rounded leather-wrapped arms, the Ryokō Armchair by David Girelli gives an instant feeling of calmness. Inspired by a Japanese folding chair from the 1960s, its features, materials, and joinery details elevate the lines and design elements of the chair. The loose back cushion adjusts around the ash frame when seated and offers an innovative sense of comfort.

Designer Nicolaj Bo created a distinctly Danish look using a dusty blue linoleum and oak for this kitchen design. Given the oddly shaped house, the focal point of the villa is this large kitchen-dining room with sloped ceilings. The residents of the house have a penchant for finely designed carpentry, which caused the designer to pay extra attention to the details, like this drawer design. “I knew it was going to be a kitchen design, which I am also happy about in 10 years, but which, conversely, could also have been designed 10 years ago. That is the essence of Danish design for me – that it is timeless.”

Designed by OS & OOS Studio and Klaas Kuiken with materials supplied by StoneCycling, this Terrazzo Bench is a sustainable solution for the increasing amount of glass waste produced in Zanzibar. “Zanzibar is an island with about 1 million inhabitants. In recent times, tourism has grown markedly and so too the volume of refuse. bottle-up seeks a solution to this issue. Most furniture for hotels in Zanzibar is currently imported from foreign countries and is often made of wood, which means it can be badly affected by the weather conditions on the island. Furniture made from Trending Terrazzo is much more sustainable, beautiful to look at, and generates awareness for bottle-up.”

Visro Gallery’s Sako Console is a story in timeless design and elegance. The solid waveform like paneling adds an instant focal point in the design, giving a break from the gorgeous wooden texture that flanks the sides of this console table. The timelessness of the Sako console makes it an easy fit in every apartment.

If custom furniture is the key to your heart, Conti Wood Studio holds the key you need! This walnut-topped table comes with an ash or maple legs – actually designed to be speaker stands, the tables double as side tables or even pot stands.

Roberto Paoli’s Pippi Chair for Midj in Italy stands out from the crowd with its bright orange color. With the frame of the chair upholstered by fabric to add an interesting dimension, the collection also includes chairs, armchairs, and lounge chairs with armrests and two stools.

The Polly cabinet is a versatile storage and shelving solution. Made in solid timber, the Polly cabinet celebrates simplicity combined with subtle flowing lines and as always with TIDE Design, it is the beautiful positioning of the slanted wooden legs that caught our attention!

Lozi Design used a supersized wave joint made from light solid ash and a variety of surface finishes to create the Wave Table. This perfect centerpiece is a part of their ‘wave series’ that highlights and adds a new dimension to any contemporary home. Lozi has also developed a new surface material for this table – by repurposing their waste sawdust they have created a red sheeting material by mixing it with Bio Resin. Eco-friendly with a side of furniture details!

Elk Kitchen’s team loves a challenge! For where else would you find an entire kitchen focused on triangle-shaped drawers? As the design team explains, “O’45 was born of a desire to create an innovative design approach that leads to a new aesthetic. The result is a design that balances modern engineering & traditional craftsmanship. Super-efficient, function-focused utility centers deliver a genuine alternative to the kitchen status-quo.”

The more classic a material, the higher its appeal for me. The best example of this is the Square Armchair by the family-owned business Decarvalho Atelier. The use of straw is a simple yet minimal addition, with the geometric-ness of the design giving a soothing aspect to the overall chair. If the straw is an unconventional material, it is balanced by the use of leather that gives warmth to the design – you know this chair will be with you for long and the leather will surely adapt to your body as you both age gracefully.

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