Your Own Cloud


The first automated-backup system for home use, Helixee is a connected object designed to backup, automatically or on request, the content of all your desktop and mobile devices including tablets, smartphones, home and work computers. As guardian of your photos, videos, contacts, music and important documents, it is automatic, secured and simple enough for anyone to use. Best of all, the files aren’t kept on the cloud, they stay in your home so you know exactly where they are.

Thanks to the designated app, you always have quick access to the content on your Helixee. The software automatically centralizes the content of multiple devices within the same Helixee. You always have a global view of your backed up files, easily sorting them by date, device, and more.

For added security, backups are encrypted so that only authorized users have access to the data. If your Helixee is stolen, you can block it from anywhere with your administrator account. If one of your other devices is stolen, you can simply remove it from the list of authorized devices. Your backup stays in Helixee and you can recover your data on another device.

With Helixee, you can choose to share your photos exclusively and securely with close friends and family. This function, switched on or off, will let you choose exactly who you want to share with. As opposed to the Cloud and public social networks, you know where your shared photos are and who you really shared them with. Your data stays at home in your Helixee. In this way, you keep control of everything you share with your loved ones.

Designers: NovaThings