The Rice is Right.


Here in the east, rice forms a major part of our diet. I’ll be blunt, though. Until a month back, when I actually was forced to cook food for myself (I was sick), I had no idea how to even cook rice. I called my mom and spoke to her for almost half an hour AFTER watching YouTube videos so I didn’t mess anything up. The Wash Rice Cooker is at heart, a rice steamer, but it does what all machines do. Reduce human error. Just pop rice in, and water in, and it’ll do the rest. It also stores rice and water so that you can just push a few buttons for instant steamed rice! The front shows you rice and water levels, so you know when to refill.

The entire device has just three buttons, all located on the front. You’d have to be stupid to not be able to work this beauty!

Designer: Seung Ho Choi