Delivery Drones are the Future

Amazon Prime made headlines recently with their vision for delivery drone system, but designer Stefan Riegebauer beat them to the punch almost a year ago! The Smart Aid doesn’t focus on shopping deliveries (yet), rather, it aims to provide preliminary medical aid to those in need before paramedics arrive. The unique tri-copter design is also capable of maneuvering to areas unreachable by medic teams. Check out the vid to see how it works!

Designer: Stefan Riegebauer


  • James Martindale says:

    If it’s meant for helping people in emergencies, why the heck does it have the Amazon logo on it?

  • stephen russell says:

    Mass produce & make larger for heavier loads for longer range alone IE Alaska, HI, No Canada, No EU,
    Turkey, Russia, India, Indonesia.
    for carrying wide choice of loads.

  • Alaor says:

    If the author had the minimum knowledge of flying drones, would understand why they never get an odd number of propellers.

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