100% Design Tokyo 2009 – Part I

The 100% Design Exhibitions are a great time to mingle with the cream of the Design Industry and I really had a great time covering the Tokyo Edition. The theme this year was “Love Green” and the Exhibitors did a great job interpreting and weaving in the sentiments into their designs. The theme was well reflected in products made using alternative energy sources and natural materials. In short everything looked green too, I mean the color green!

Let’s kick off this coverage with the Cube Exhibition, which is a brand new addition to the 100% Tokyo. This nook actually showcased works of young designers who brought to life the Love Green Concept.

TOHO-Leo Corp and plant designer Harumi Suwa of Atelier Yukiyanagi worked with forty-five talented designers to recreate the green-magic! The dominant installation was this 2.2 m-squared cube that with a planted green façade. This Vertical Garden included beauties like Calathea and Peperomia.

Many Exhibitors brought out their innovations and sparked debates on the real fundamentalism of Eco or Green Concepts.

In the next coverage expect the 100% Café by Subway!

Pine Beetle Wood Gate by Judson Beaumont

Dumbbell Flower Vase by Satoru Okazawa & Takako Chinoda

“Grass” Chair by Kaori Yamamoto

Trigona-swing by Mie Matsubara

TRC (Transparent Reflective Chair) by Tomoaki Yoneta

“Plane” Bedside Table by Oyadica Studio

Ryoku-Kagu by Hiroya Kajiura

“Frame” by Shinichiro Nakai

Drip-drop by Keisuke Hirata & Tomomi Seki

Bolt Stool by Takumi Ichihara

Sanagi by Taichi Fujita