UPDATE: Deckster iPod nano Time Piece

The Deckster iPod nano Time Piece is available for Pre-order on CKIE, only for the next 48-hours! The time to ensure your piece at a very special CKIE price is NOW!

There are a handful of iPod nano accessories that turn the venerable nano into a proper watch but all of them come with caveats. I appreciate when designers not only address the aesthetic values of design, but also the manufacturing ethos they purport. A husband and wife team from Canada are working hard on their first CKIE project, the Deckster iPod nano Time Piece. Their goal? Create a watch strap for the nano that combines high quality engineering touched with handcrafted precision all in sustainable packaging. We gotta help them do it!

I own all and I do mean ALL iPod nano watch straps currently available. At last count, I have 17. Many were rushed to the market as soon as the nano was announced and most show the marks of ill-concieved design. Some “jiggle” on the wrist. Others totally drop the nano from rigorous wrist movement and almost all are made poorly out of low grade silicones and rubbers that seemly peel and chip from continuous use.

The Deckster promises something different; an accessory designed and manufactured (right here in North America) with quality in mind. CKIE backers are actually getting a huge deal. $125 gets you your choice of 3 strap designs, (2 of which are CKIE exclusives) all of which use a vegetable tanning process.

The FIRST CLASS boasts silver aircraft grade aluminum paired in premium handcrafted leather bands.

The CKIE exclusive FUNK CLASS sports a gorgeous leather and wool houndstooth band with the same aluminum jacket in either electric teal or yellow.

The CKIE exclusive NIGHT CLASS is my favorite with its matching black or purple in the same aircraft grade aluminum jackets and premium leather bands.

But as I mentioned earlier, it’s not just about looks. This husband and wife team are using a patent-pending Pop+Lock system to ensure your nano stays seated. It’s incredibly refined. The fit and finish are remarkable. There are multiple other tiers to back the project, all of which come with unique rewards. I want to make this happen for them.

Designers: Chrys and Dom Coballe on CKIE