When You Scoopy Your Puppy Poopy, Shipoopi!

If your town or city demands that its streets aren’t shi**y, you’ve got a lot of responsibility for your tiny puppy named Ittybitty. Ittybitty loves to make the poopy, and it’s your responsibility to scoopy the poopy. If you don’t like plastic bags that are freshly hot, pick up a Dogpot! A nice portable cleaner for your puppy’s poopies! Super-doopy!

Young-Long Choi has a super-duper idea for your puppy poopy:

When we clean the dog or other pet’s excrement, If picking and throwaway are acted at a time, is it more prompt or convenient? For this aim, this product is applied a leverage. Only with a little effort, it can pick a target exactly, and pick once, it have the target slip through its package. This product is made by paper, so it is very useful in outside for its light and portable shape. Most of all, structure of dogpot have folding lines. So it will be flat when you have it in your pocket at outdoor.

Got that? That’s some Engrish right there. YLC, you’ve got a cute little thing going on here! I love the poopy scoopy you’ve design-o-rama’d up here! Plastic bags be damned! These are much more recyclable and cute, and a lot less gross!

Remember folks, when you’ve got poopy, choose DogPot! …Shipoopi!

Designer: Young-Long Choi