Chess is now a “card” game!


Never thought you could put a chess set in your back-pocket, right? I mean, sure you could download a chess app, but where’s the fun in tapping at a screen as opposed to actually moving chess pieces? Innovo’s card chess set was literally designed to fit a game of tactile chess into your wallet! The 3D printed card-shaped, card-sized design comes with everything you need, from a board to all 32 chess pieces. Just snap the pieces right off their support structures (you differentiate the black and white players by the holed and non-holed pieces) and plug them right into the board. The board doesn’t come with the checkered pattern but it does have a grid made on it, so your gameplay won’t really get affected. It even comes with additional slots outside the board to dock pieces that have been eliminated from the game.

The Card Chess Set is great for carrying around and using in what I can only assume is an unexpected chess-based-emergency… or just showing off, to be honest! My only gripe is that you don’t really have any place to keep the chess pieces after your first game, since you’ve snapped them off their support structures. Anyone got any solutions?? Let us know!

Designer: Kiriakos Christodoulou (Innovo Design)