Flip this thermoregulating pillow over to choose between its soft, comfortable side and its firm, supportive side


My bed has 6 different pillows. There, I said it. I have two pillows for my head that I alternate between while sleeping (one’s stiff for when I need neck support, another is slim for comfort), then I have a pillow that I keep between my legs, two cushions for decoration, and a wedge-pillow when I need to sit up and watch TV in bed. Some may call me a bit of a psychopath, but I prefer the term ‘pillow connoisseur’. A lot of those pillows serve auxiliary purposes, but the two most important pillows are the ones I use for my head – switching between them for when I need something stiff and supportive versus when I need the sink-in feeling of a soft pillow. It doesn’t need to be that way apparently, thanks to the guys at Vesta who’ve designed the world’s first multi-faceted, dual-sided, thermoregulating pillow.

Those are just fancy words for ‘universal’, because the Vesta claims to have something for everyone. Designed with a soft side as well as a stiff side, the Vesta can provide softness or support, depending on what you need, and can even thermo-regulate itself so the pillow always stays cool no matter what. Built with multiple layers that give the pillow its universal appeal, the Vesta helps with spinal alignment and contouring across a variety of sleep positions. It also regulates temperature to stay cool and can wick moisture so you don’t end up with a sweaty pillow on a warm summer’s night.

Vesta’s revolutionary design is built from the inside out. Unlike most pillows that come with a single internal material (cotton, down, memory foam, latex, TPE), Vesta uses multiple materials for a layered design that serves a functional purpose. At its very center is its core support layer, made from a soft memory foam that ensures the pillow never deforms or loses shape with time. It also helps provide just the right amount of flexibility as you sleep, keeping your spine aligned the way it should be. The core support layer is sandwiched between two more layers that give the Vesta its ‘soft’ side and its ‘firm’ side. The softer side of the pillow is highly elastic, and is perfect for stomach and back sleepers, ensuring your neck doesn’t suffer any strain when you sleep. Flip the Vesta over and you’ve got the supportive side that’s flexible yet firm, providing just the amount of spinal and neck support you need when you sleep on your side. All three layers come with a total of 288 ‘air cells’ that help circulate air as you sleep, ensuring comfort and breathability. Finally, the Vesta is capped off with a layer of cooling fabric with Mica integrated into it. This helps it be up to 17x more thermally conductive than cotton, giving you temperature regulation and keeping you cool.

Each Vesta pillow comes with a breathable, hypoallergenic silk pillowcase. Apart from literally being one of the most smooth fabrics you can rest your face against, the silk even helps wick moisture by rapidly absorbing and dispersing sweat to keep you comfortable as you sleep. The pillow and case even come with a free set of noise-canceling earplugs, and as an add-on, you can even grab yourself a dual-sided eye mask to give you a completely isolating and comfortable sleeping experience!

Designer: Vesta Design

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Vesta Multi-faceted Thermoregulating Pillow

The Vesta Pillow is the first dual-sided, thermoregulating pillow that supports a variety of sleep positions, with two distinct structured surface areas on each side. By aligning your neck and head with proper support, it provides a comfortable sleep and rest.

Three Core Layers

Consisting of three core layers, you can choose the level of support and contouring you desire.

Cloud Sleep Side – The ultra-soft side provides perfect spinal alignment for stomach and back sleepers with its ergonomically designed shape and structure.

Firm & Flexible Side – This flexible, yet firm memory foam provides comfort and alignment for side sleepers. It will hold its shape for the entirety of your sleep, continually aligning the contours of your head and neck.

Core Support Layer – The middle Inner layer is the bedrock of support for the pillow, it is a core that will never lose stability or shape.

The Result – A pillow made to serve all sleep styles. Researchers at University of Rochester agree that different sleep positions require different support systems.


The temperature of your pillow is essential for your sleep. Vesta actively avoids the ‘hot pillow’ problem, its design promotes superior air circulation and temperature control so the pillow stays nice and cool all night long.

288 Air Cells – Each of the pillow’s three layers use an Air Cell cooling design that allows for swift air circulation while also wicking away moisture while you sleep.

‘Mica’ Cooling Fabric – Extend the coolness to the pillow protector fabric by adding natural mineral elements ‘mica’ into the yarn. ‘Mica’ cooling fabric has 17x thermal conductivity of cotton, making for superior sleeping temperature control.

Aerodynamic Cooling Channels – The naturally-cooling fabric cover along with the Aerodynamic cooling channels on the pillow’s casing further accelerates airflow, directing hot air away from your body.

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $150 (34% off ). Raised over $670,000.