Powerful Supermoto

The Supermoto is a custom-created combination of off-road motorcycle and road-racing wheels/tires, known as ‘supermotard’ bike. Quite sporty is their approach; the bikes ride super easy at lower speed maneuvers in comparison to other sporty bikes.

According to the designer, “In this electric supermoto concept the aim was to take this niche and create a design which is unique for the supermoto caricature and nature, as well for the urban supermoto rider. The main body of the bike is based on one simple and iconic geometric shape which is totally non-automotive by definition, the idea was to create a new semantics for the motorcycle which is inspired and effected from it’s usage scenario, the urban surroundings. Covered by 2 clear injected plastic plates which hold the motorcycle’s unique styling colors and patterns inside, the user can chose the “wallpapers” to place inside the covers and personalize the motorcycle’s appearance to his own preferences.”

Designer: Eyal Melnick


  • Latouffe says:

    Science anyone ?
    Forget about evolution, 100 years of work and technique, state of the art …
    The 08/15 designer knows much better and doesn’t need to study his subject. He take a paper, a pen, a computer and good is!

    This is the most stupid, uncomfortable, dangerous motorbike concept i have ever seen.

    Mr Designer is probably too young to ride anything with a motor, but anyone could have told him : it is not always a good idea to simplify something. Sometimes you end up with real bullshit. Like here …

  • Adamu Malone says:

    this is awesome! the wheels would have the brushless motor mounted such that the stator was the hole/hub. Very doable and you’d be able to fit a massive battery pack into the body. message me if you’re ever interested in building a prototype.


  • Latouffe says:

    Awesome … “so that the hole was the stator”. You get it !

    “slick” design + hubless wheels + electric motor + customizable color panels = brainless design gimmicks.

  • Abri Olwage says:

    Looks cool to me man, I’d totally ride that…

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