Less Emissions than a Narwhal

It’s true! Even narwhals let some gas go once in a while. This boat we’re about to talk about has zero! When the beans don’t go in one end, the beans don’t come out the other! It’s called “ZEMBO” because it is a zero emissions boat. How does it get around then, you might ask? It’s got a wave generator! And a fuel cell, too. I’m totally pumped up about the wave generator though, most of all.

12 m of pure silvery loveliness. It’s a motor boat made to fit right in with the rest of the premium daycruisers. Lightweight construction of recyclable Aluminum, Monohull has fabulous gliding capabilities and makes for an easy chunk to propel.

Fuel cell in combination with a wave generator take care of movement, the ZEMBO with them is able to reach top speeds of 35 knots (65km/h) with an action radius of 200 seamiles (370 km.) The interior space is basically unique as well – one giant central cabin set down and middle with big cutouts and window areas.

Fo’ ridin, sucka!

Designer: Simon Gorski

ZEMBO Zero Emissions Boat by Simon Gorski