An EV of the Third Dimension

After 3 years in the making, the INNVELO Three electric prototype has arrived, making it one step closer to the consumer market! The two-seater, three-wheeled EV features a range of 65 miles with a top speed of just under 65 miles per hour, dual electric motors (3.2 kW each), a fairly spacious trunk and just enough leg room to carry a pal side-by-side.  With a projected cost of € 10,000 to 15,000, all you have to do is choose between a work, race and commercial model!

Designer: FORM & DRANG


  • NZ says:

    This is basically just a newer-looking version of the Reliant Robin, which is the butt of many a car joke.

  • Quintin Smits says:

    Yeah, Reliant Robin indeed. Try cornering with a little bit of speed. Or braking in a corner. You’ll roll it quite easily.

    Why not go for two wheels at the front, one in the back, much more stable and also more aerodynamic..?

  • James says:

    Hi @ all!
    Why 1 wheel at the front?! The work-version of the car will carry more weight at the back. So with 1 wheel at the back this would not be stable. Another reason is, that this car will also used in snow areas. And have you ever tried to drive with rear wheel drive during the winter;-)? And believe me, it´s more difficult with one wheel at the back.
    And why 3 wheels? In Germany you are allowed to drive a 3-wheel-car with the age of 16 or younger (4-wheel-cars -> 18years).

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