A 4 Turbine Tesla


Turbines? What turbines? Well, they’re not the kind you might expect and you’ll have to look a little lower to find ’em! Envisioned for the year 2030, the Tesla T1 concept explores the future of energy efficiency in the most extreme racing scenario: the 24 Hours of Le Mans!

The electric competitor is structurally defined by aerodynamics but it’s the innovative wheels that steal the show. Each free standing wheel is based on the Gorlov wind turbine – an elongated alternative to flat turbines that harnesses wind from all directions to make it incredibly efficient. The system is incorporated into each wheel to provide an independent air suction turbine. Each and every one of the 4 wheels canalizes the air through ducts into the fifth and biggest turbine at the back tail to provide the greater acceleration and power to win. The designers call it the “holy grail of renewable energy!”

Designers: Miguel Ángel Bahri, Omar Alfarra Zendah, Abelardo Bahri, & Federico Abascal