The Awesomeness of a Quadcopter

The innovative FLEYE is a Quadcopter that brings home stunning images from the locales it flies over. Combined with the app, it’s essentially a service that allows you to experience places that may be distant on paper but accessible via the app. Explore in-depth travel destinations and get reviews from other visitors before actually visiting a place. I think its quite apt for our generation where we get so little leisure time and would like to make the most of our vacations.

Designers: Kim Joongu, Choi Kyusung, Seo Won-kyoung, Kim Yeojin, Kwon Jina, Mun Heeseung and Park Heesung


  • Niestety, na ogół nie jest to dobra wiadomość dla korzystającego z leasingu,
    ponieważ w takim przypadku stosownie do art.

  • Roberto says:

    With the rising popularity of these devices, there will probably be more
    viral videos like this that crop up soon. 5%, hit all targets while traveling at an average ‘straight-line speed’ and this beautiful work will be the frame for
    a follow-up that will help millions of people all across the world.
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