Confessions of a Coffee Addict

Like most of you, I’m a coffee addict and love to carry my java with me. The problem with most cuppa joe’s is that they don’t provide for instant gratification, aka brewing on the go. The Nomad Coffee Maker rectifies the situation by being this portable maker that taken in the coffee filter on one end and dispenses the brew into the other (or any cup/container). Practical in its approach, the design also includes a USB connection to power the maker via your laptop or wall socket. Very Clever!

Designer: Antoine Beynel


  • Dorian says:

    Dieu vous bénisse

    Dios te bendiga

    God bless you

  • nice article thank you for sharing

  • Cynyr says:

    So assuming that this holds 8 us floz of water, and can ask the host computer for 900mA (USB 2.0 high power [1]) and we need to heat the water from 13C to 100C then I should be able to enjoy my cup of coffee in 5 hours 20 minutes (ignoring heat losses of the vessel)

    [1] 5V*.9A = 4.5W
    13C ~= 55F
    100C = 212F (AKA Boiling as shown in picture)

    4.157J/(g C) * 87C * 236.6g = 85,568.52J or 23.77 Watt-Hours. 23.77w-hr / 4.5w = 5.28 hours, or about 5:20.

  • Sarang Sheth says:

    A beautifully modular coffee maker. One of the best I’ve seen. Watching the coffee brew through the transparent container would undoubtedly be one of the main USPs!

  • Nika says:

    I think that the container will become too heated and will burn somebody. There is also no way of knowing the temperature of the liquid.

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