Safer With The City Firefly

Designed as a bicycle chain lock system, the City Firefly doubles up as a safety gear for cyclists. Blending fashion with functionality is clever and what makes this concept stand out is the ease with which one can move from one space to the other. According to the designers, the concept was “inspired by fireflies, which use their flashing lights to signal and warn of danger in a beautiful way.”

Designers: Takeshima Kazuyoshi and Uchima Rosa for TBWA, HAKUHODO


  • Jyao says:

    why are the cyclists in the video not wearing helmets? Please help promote helmet use among cyclists. It can really save lives.

  • Sarang Sheth says:

    Holds so much potential! And looks so desirable!
    No wonder it won a Red Dot!
    The way the USB Key integrates with the rest of the locking band’s form is just a thing of absolute beauty.!

  • Sven says:

    Hi. I am Sven from Munich. Jyao is right. But that is not the point. This is a really nice design. Makes bike riding very interesting. I showed this to my daughter. Now she wants this.

  • Jahnvee says:

    Simple and beautiful. Didnt even need any words to explain it. Like!

  • Alex Smith says:

    Don’t we have enought product ideas that offer cyclists and pedestrian more safety!

    How is this any different, than what we already have on the market?

    Dont we already have EL Wire products! Or Reflective materials?

    So what are the designers taking credit for? 🙂



  • this is a good system to prevent flooding in case

  • sdfsdf says:

    Safe driving and separated facilities save lives. Please don’t promote the idea that cycling is so deadly you need safety equipment.

    Helmets are rated at no more than 12mph bumps.

    There’s a reason nobody wears them in the Netherlands.

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