Imagine never losing your TV remote again


Everyone is quick to replace the hardware around our homes which is fine until our phones go missing! Whether you’ve left your phone in the car or it’s fallen down the side of the couch, controlling everything from your smartphone might not be the best idea. Estab Han designed a remote control that couldn’t possibly be replaced by a smartphone, the Doki.

Doki follows three principals set out by Estab; the remote must be operational without needing to see it, it needs to be more functional than a simple software interface, and it needs to be quick to find. Manifested from the design language used on a tree ax (also where the product gets its name – Doki being the Korean word for ax), Doki has a protrusion on the rear of the remote, which prevents it from sliding down between the cushions. Not only this, Doki has an LED located on the top of the device which will illuminate every 30 seconds, enabling the user to find the remote in a moment of need.

Designer: Estab Han for weekend-works