Bling Love: LINEA Collection, WIN Jewelry Worth$150!

Say Aye: all those who love and get inspired by the iconic architecture in the Bay area and beyond; AYE! Taking her inspiration from shapes and engineering concepts from San Francisco’s diverse urban landscape, designer Vanessa Gade is launching a whole new jewelry collection titled LINEA. Past collections have been inspired by art deco architecture, ikebana, suspension bridges and criss-crossing power lines & I will not be surprised to find a hint of the Golden Gate Bridge, Sutro Tower and the SFMOMA, in some of these new pieces.


Visit here and come back to YD and tell us what is your favorite design from this LINEA Jewelry Collection and why?

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In her own words Vanessa states, “I am so heavily influenced by the members of the Yanko Design community (including architects and designers) that I am excited to introduce my work to them and hear their feedback. I am hoping it is something that they will resonate with.” Giving us a little detail about the materials used, Vanessa says that each piece is hand fabricated in precious metals. The holes are precisely plotted, drilled and engineered so that no matter what the design is on the inside, the piece remains perfectly balanced.

The chain glides freely and is the focus of the design itself. In this case the function becomes the form, fixed and fluid all at once. Vanessa loves to play with the variables of movement and suspension, creating a piece that is kinetic and sculptural, where the negative space becomes an integral part of the composition.

Handcrafted in San Francisco, Vanessa stands for a designer making modern jewelry rooted in traditional craftsmanship.

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Photography: Liz Caruana

Designer: Vanessa Gade [ Buy it Here ]



  • Hillar says:

    Favorite design is Botta Necklace.

  • Fabian says:

    I like those Apex Earrings pretty much, because of their clear and linear design. They’re wearable for every situation. Simple but great =)

  • Shane Turner says:

    “Botta Necklace” is my favourite. It is beautiful but also a tad morbid. It has a coffin look to it.

  • Isabel says:

    The “Portica” Necklace is amazing because the minimal asymmetry creates enough visual disruption in the piece that it’s ability to stay horizontally balanced seems like a feat of magic. Beautiful!

  • The Aria necklace is exquisite. It’s got a lot going on but it’s surprisingly balanced. Love how the three separate sections come together to form one messy, lopsided but beautiful diamond shape.

  • James Strong says:

    My favorites definitely come down to the aria necklace and canopy earrings. I love the complexity of the minimalistic design. It has a very clean look. Digging it!

  • Shavanna says:

    My favorite is the Suttro Hoops. They are simple, yet bold and elegant. I love clean lines and shapes.

  • Trenelle Kraemer says:

    Venessa’s whole inner circle line is gorgeous, I actually bought a piece off of Uncommon goods for my mother last year.
    She’s followed up with a beautifully simple collection with the Linea line. The LINEA Necklace is my favorite because it kinda follows the same styling of the inner circle pieces but combines it with the artistic styling of San Fran.

  • Toma says:

    My favorite piece of jewelry from the Linea collection is Vault Necklace. I love how it’s son intense on the one hand and clean and pure on the other. It reminds me a view of a hammock hanging between the threes on a windy day 🙂

  • sydney85 says:

    I love the Aria necklace. It reminds me of a diamond.
    It is stunning and elegant piece.

  • I truly love the entire Linea collection, as well as the Inner Circle collection. My most adored piece from the Linea collection is the Span Necklace. I have always been awed by the bridges of San Francisco. I am impressed and inspired by the Span, it makes me want to photograph the Golden Gate.

  • Mazell says:

    Sutro Necklace! Just learning about telomeres and how they contribute to our long life….reminds me of them!

  • Brian Seward says:

    My favorite design is the aria necklace

  • Sarah P. says:

    My favorite designs are tied between the Canopy earrings and the Rivera ring. Love the play of metal and chain in such a sophisticated fashion.

  • Stephanie says:

    I came across an image of Vanessa’s FORME necklace 2 years ago and really admired it. I even posted it on my blog. I think her designs have an excellent sense of balance with these “lines” cutting though geometric shapes. Her pieces are very simple and stark in that they are structural but have a certain elegance about them thats rather hard to find in most jewelry design. Very clever and sophisticated jewelry, I will continue to follow her.

  • Becca says:

    I love, love, love the “Span” necklace! The use use of gold and silver brings even more dynamic to the beautiful clean lines! I have to have it!

  • Becca says:

    I love, love, love the “Span” necklace! The use use of gold and silver brings even more dynamic to the beautiful clean lines! Gorgeous!

  • Christen says:

    I love all the pieces! My favorite is the Rivera ring. I love the organic shapes that were made.

  • Edona says:

    Loving the Isis Necklace in Yellow Gold,love the balance it creates and the combination between engineering and beauty ! Great Job 🙂

  • Njomeza says:

    Rivera Ring! Absolutely my favorite the balance and that Gothic style are really fine combined 🙂

  • Annie says:

    My favourite is the Rivera Ring!

  • Ivaylo Banev says:

    My favorite is the Trio Bangle. I love the simplicity of it, yet at the same time you can tell the craftsmanship is impeccable. It is a piece of art you can wear everyday.

  • Charlie Johnson says:

    I like the Rivera ring due to the simplicity and unique design. Very interesting piece of artwork that you can wear.

  • Vay Lo says:

    The Trio Bangle, I love the simplicity of it, yet at the same time you can tell the craftsmanship is impeccable. It is a piece of art you can wear everyday.

  • Dea A. says:

    I loved them all. My favorite however is the Sutro Hoops earrings. I love their balanced and simple lines. BTW, they are prettier than their source of inspiration.

  • Rania n. says:

    Brancusi Hoops! I adore hoop earrings in general, and these ones are very unique and interesting. Very eye-catchy.

  • rachel says:

    I love the polynesian most! It just calls to me

  • Hana says:

    My fav is the Rivera Ring. Lovely organic lines and elegant design. It would look great in my partner’s finger

  • Michelle McD says:

    The Miro earrings! True love, three circles, set just so.perfection!

  • Doug Cureton says:

    My favorite design is the Botta Necklace. It has a symmetrical energy and clean line that makes it timeless.

  • Jackie M says:

    I love love love the Rivera cuff. It was awesome to re-look at the SFMOMA and see the inspiration.

  • Michele Berg says:

    My favorite is Bridge! What an amazing design, Vanessa is a wonderful designer.

  • Lee Lynch says:

    I like both the symmetry of the Apex earrings and how I imagine they will play with light.

  • Isabelle Schenk says:

    IMPOSSIBLE to decide which one is my fave, because all pieces are indescribable !! Each one has its unique characteristic… I really can’t decide myself… Wish I could have them ALL!!!

  • Sonal says:

    My favorite is- delvaux necklace in sterling silver and rose gold…minimalism/simplicity of the design makes it elegant and the use of rose gold makes it exotic! and this holds true for all the other designs as well…

  • connor says:

    i do like the apex earnings there simplistic and very elegant

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