Bling Love: LINEA Collection, WIN Jewelry Worth$150!

Say Aye: all those who love and get inspired by the iconic architecture in the Bay area and beyond; AYE! Taking her inspiration from shapes and engineering concepts from San Francisco’s diverse urban landscape, designer Vanessa Gade is launching a whole new jewelry collection titled LINEA. Past collections have been inspired by art deco architecture, ikebana, suspension bridges and criss-crossing power lines & I will not be surprised to find a hint of the Golden Gate Bridge, Sutro Tower and the SFMOMA, in some of these new pieces.


Visit here and come back to YD and tell us what is your favorite design from this LINEA Jewelry Collection and why?

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In her own words Vanessa states, “I am so heavily influenced by the members of the Yanko Design community (including architects and designers) that I am excited to introduce my work to them and hear their feedback. I am hoping it is something that they will resonate with.” Giving us a little detail about the materials used, Vanessa says that each piece is hand fabricated in precious metals. The holes are precisely plotted, drilled and engineered so that no matter what the design is on the inside, the piece remains perfectly balanced.

The chain glides freely and is the focus of the design itself. In this case the function becomes the form, fixed and fluid all at once. Vanessa loves to play with the variables of movement and suspension, creating a piece that is kinetic and sculptural, where the negative space becomes an integral part of the composition.

Handcrafted in San Francisco, Vanessa stands for a designer making modern jewelry rooted in traditional craftsmanship.

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Photography: Liz Caruana

Designer: Vanessa Gade [ Buy it Here ]