It’s KAARI Time

KAARI is a concept watch based on the standard 24-hour analogue mechanism (half-speed hour hand). Only one half of the watch face showcases the time as two arc shaped die cuts encapsulating the dial. This is how the watch works: the hour hand rotates 360º in 24 hours and can be seen through the smaller radius arc. It is designed as a disc and divided in two equal segments of different colors. One half is in white and the other one in black and it keeps rotating, thus indicating AM (white) or PM (black) hours. The line between these two colors segments points to the exact hour.

The minute hand rotates 360º in one hour and is visible only through the bigger radius arc. The minutes are indicated with his solid part and determines which minute slot corresponds to the 0-30 minutes dials (located on the inner radius of the arc) and the 30-60 minutes slot (on the outer radius).

Designed on the lines of the Koko Muo concept watch, what differentiates the KAARI from the same is the materials and mechanism, which optimizes the movement and the production cost.

Strap: Silicone rubber
Case: Black stainless steel

Case: 38-40 mm

Designer: Azahara Morales, aka Löytö Esineiden