The Joy Of Cooking

We live in times where cooking is no longer a joy and culinary arts are more appreciated in restaurants than at home. The COOCREATER is a concept that looks at offering a new way for cooking. It proposes to combine the concept of cooking with music creation, and the integration of emotions. It is an appliance that urges us to sense, taste, feel and hear, at one go.


  • The music selection is influenced according to the scanned food elements and mixed accordingly.
  • The time and temperature of heating on the workbench may influence the final results of remixing.
  • People can post the pictures of their dishes and share their final work of music with their friends.
  • COOCREATER is suitable for barbecue or picnic.

COOCREATER is one of the Top 100 Finalists at the 2014 Electrolux Design Lab. You can vote for this or any other project over here. Voting closes May 16th 2014.

Designer: Yu Yi