This vibrant set of enameled cast-iron cookware is what Pinterest dreams are made of

With its deliciously gorgeous color options, the Milo cast iron cookware set by Kana puts Pantone in your pantry!

Designed to be both vibrant and versatile, Milo by Kana covers all your cooking needs. The cast-iron skillet and Dutch oven set come with a universally compatible lid, giving you the ability to cook a variety of foods on your stovetop, induction cooker, or even in the oven. Moreover, their enameled coating makes them a pleasure to look at, with its artfully selected palette of 6 colors. The colors add a splash to your kitchen while making your food look more appealing too.

The Milo cookware range by Kana reinvents a classic with a minimalist, modern design that’s equally great at cooking while being much easier to clean and maintain than raw cast iron. The skillet, dutch oven, and lid are all made with 40% recycled iron, making them more sustainable than most while still providing excellent heat distribution. The high walls on both the skillet and the Dutch oven reduce spillage and mess, and the universal lid makes it easier to simmer your food for a longer period of time.

Each of Milo’s utensils comes coated with two layers of TOMATEC® enamel to increase their durability and lifespan. The enamel is then finished off with a taste-bud tantalizing coat of color, with six hues to choose from (including a limited-time-only Dijon yellow). The colors make the cookware look absolutely eye-catching even when they’re not in use, turning them into kitchen decor when you’re not cooking. However, when you DO want to cook with them, the versatile cookware set works in a variety of ways – you can use them on a gas or electric stove, on a ceramic stovetop, or even an induction cooker, and you can pop them in the oven too.

Each Milo cookware set is ethically manufactured and uses 40% recycled iron in a bid to reduce environmental waste. The Milo by Kana is Proposition 65 compliant too, making it safe for your home as well as your environment… and is designed to last you a lifetime even with regular use!

Designer: Kana Design

Click Here to Buy Now: 3-piece set for $175 $235 (25% off).

Milo – Beautiful Cast-iron Cookware that Will Last a Lifetime

In 6 beautiful colors, this versatile 3-piece bundle will last a lifetime and cater to any recipe.

From stove, to oven, to table, the 3-Piece Set goes where you need it. It’s suitable for all cooking surfaces, including induction, and will beautifully decorate your table when it’s time to serve. No need for countless pots and pans when you’ve got the combo that can tackle it all.

Features & Benefits

Exclusive Color – Dijon

Click Here to Buy Now: 3-piece set for $175 $235 (25% off).