Apple, Eat Your Heart Out

The iPro was designed for professionals who need a lot of everything, be it memory, workspace or processing power! If a Mac Pro and iMac had a super-baby it would be the iPro. The best of both worlds with its retina cinema display and careful balance between performance and design. It’s an all-in-one enclosed solution that can still be upgraded or downgraded easily. WARNING: Only hit the jump if you NEVER want to look at your current Apple the same again.

Designer: Kurt Merki Jr.


  • I have some issues:

    – Can’t hang it on the wall
    – Far too many speakers with corresponding holes, a ‘pro’ user also frequently uses ‘monitor speakers’, like in one of the pictures.
    – Not adjustable
    – Takes far too much space on the desk.

    I appreciate all the effort that went into this design, but it doesn’t quite work…

  • Afzal says:

    Apple is always 1 step ahead from Intel….

  • Neil says:

    24 Tilt Function would be the master piece by Apple…

  • Amenda says:

    split screen work flow if great….

  • Cunto says:

    lol fail design,. that looks not even 1% apple style.

  • Asad says:

    thats the reason i like apple <3

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  • Zansol says:

    I inspired by its exquisite advance look.

  • Pawel Jonca says:

    As an illustrator, the first thing that I thought, was to flip this iMac on the back, and using it as a drawing tablet with a pen..

  • Hafiz Bilal says:

    Apple is always 1 step ahead from all brands…

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