Maserati’s sleek yet luxurious automotive merges the brand’s past + future of autonomous supercars!

Maserati has always pushed the envelope of luxury and performance right from its inception in 1914, and till date. So what does the future hold for the Italian luxury supercar maker in an era where the automotive industry is making the rapid shift towards eco-friendly autonomous driving? Automotive design student Dohoon Jeong imagines the future which will have a semblance of classic infused in the design. A future where gorgeous design DNA and attractive sensibility will take precedence over the practicality of driving. The focus will be on the Trident structure, contrasting visual appeal, and the technical sharpness of the muscular body.

Dohoon calls it the Maserati Tridente, and the concept draws inspiration from the fluidic sculpture of Fountain of Neptune, chrome texture or the retro rides, and the exposed interior of the classics that the Italian super car maker has been known for in the yesteryears. In fact, the DNA is influenced more by the classic design of the Maserati cars which are etched in history as one of the greatest. The wide flowing design and the nostalgic roadster characteristics have been amalgamated together seamlessly for an artistic car of the future – having a very definitive interconnection between the interior and exterior as the body frame inspired by the Trident blade takes shape.

The sharp blade of the Trident encapsulated in a square logo and the shark grille highlights the Maserati DNA upfront. The copper texture further adds the luxury element to the two-seater autonomous supercar. The seating is embellished in all red hues for a royal feel sans any futuristic dashboard elements to keep things clean. Maserati Tridente is the deserving mascot of the brand’s future – the design speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

Designer: Dohoon Jeong