A Stationary Bike with Style

The days of the stationary bike are gone but the modern urban dweller’s desire for physical well-being lives on… so long as it looks good! For the discerning fitness freak, Loop brings back the convenience of at-home cardiovascular workouts with simple and approachable style. As far as cycle machines go, it’s ultra-minimal with reduced knobs and dials as well as an internal flyweight that runs on magnetic resistance rather than belts to ensure the ride is as smooth as its looks.  

The stem is manufactured out of stamped sheet aluminum with an aluminum honeycomb core providing structural rigidity, while the main bodies tubular frame is cleverly hidden behind injection-molded plastic made of glass reinforced ABS. The unique circular shaped seat made with an internal lining of memory foam, caresses the ischial tuberosity rather than just support it on the ends, inviting a casual home routine rather than an intense workout. Its minimal part assembly and low profile also directly reduce the shipping weight and volume, decreasing overall market cost for the consumer.
Designer: Nosh Studio