This hybrid camping accessory combines a handheld flashlight with a multi-port power bank!

The M-flashlight is an EDC camping accessory that fuses the function of a flashlight with a rectangular power bank to light your way from waypoint to waypoint, never losing power along the way.

When camping, multifunctional appliances are key to thriving in nature. Nonelectric accessories like multi-tools and hatchets help users prepare for and build fires, pitch tents and chop wood during camping trips. Then, gas-powered and battery-operated appliances help finish the jobs like cooking meals and brewing coffee.

The M-Flashlight from designer Wenhua Xu combines the most practical aspects of camping supplies to create a portable, handheld flashlight that doubles as a power bank to charge up any device that might need some extra power.

Equipped with a 10000mAh high-capacity battery, the M-Flashlight is comprised of a round, miniature flashlight that fuses with a rectangular power bank to charge up devices like smartphones and other electronic appliances. Located at the top of the flashlight, a sliding dial turns the appliance on and off. Then, around the back, users will find the ports for USB, HDMI, and Type C cables.

During camping trips, we might need our smartphones during hiking or road trips to find our location or our next route of action. Considering this, our smartphones must have enough charge to get us there. The M-flashlight ensures the camper in each of us that we’ll never be without direction or light to bring us to our next destination.

Designer: Wenhua Xu

Handheld by design, the M-Flashlight is an EDC camping accessory. 

The rectangular power bank gives the M-flashlight an unconventional shape.

A sliding toggle operates the power switch.

Conceptualized in two different colors, the M-Flashlight comes in purple and orange tones.