Really Really Dry Pair Of Gumboots

Being a hardcore Urbanite, I don’t think I really appreciate the need for really dry shoes. Not that it doesn’t rain in my city; we do get our fair share of monsoons, but it’s just that I can’t fathom the need for a specialized drier for my shoes. On the other hand folks who tend to spend much time outdoors (like farmers) and work in damp environments would really value the Windry Boot Drier. This device works by directing air into the boot, accelerating the evaporation of moisture, thus drying the gumboots pronto.

Windry also uses a Venturi effect to promote air movement within the boot’s dead end space (the toe) and this is created by the air movement over the top of the product. When trials where conducted, the design proved effective in drying out the shoes in “subtle outdoor breezes and indoors with a cold fan or electric fan heater.”

Lemme explain how this works, place Windry into the gumboots, the hooded design on the top redirects the air into the gumboot, thus airing and drying it quickly.

Windry is made from HDPE plastic and is 100% recyclable; moreover it’s a single piece without any moving parts. It operates effectively in the natural wind without the need of an electrical input.

Designer: John Lee for The Ideas Foundry



  • demax says:

    I love this kind of design: simple and solving a real (though small) problem.
    Wonder whether you could also use it for drying your ski boots overnight.

  • Radhika Seth says:

    I suppose you should be able to do that as well.

  • esign says:

    Smart! love it

  • Good job, you built some, tested them and found out how effective they were. I have experience with the powered versions, and they work great, if these are 1/5th as effective you have a winner.

  • Henrique Staino says:


  • John Lee says:

    Hey Demax, yes it can definately used for ski boots and also motorcycle boots.

    Hey Zipplyflounder,
    We’ve tested against the dry time of powered products and we can tell you that powered ones range from 1-6hrs drying time, WinDry ranges from 3-8hrs, thus very competitive!

    John Lee

  • Does this work with riding boots?

  • Does this work with riding boots?

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