Best of Bathroom Concepts in 2013

When you got you go…you got to go! But after you’re done and take stock of your environment, then it really sinks in, are you using a classy bathroom or is it just another crappy (pun intended) place to relive yourself? Truth is, we all love innovations in the bathroom space, be it a tushy-warming toilet seat or a high-tech bath. 2013 saw some radicle trends that addressed the space crunch by merging the living and bathing space, as well as elegance in designing techniques. Here’s a quick recap of what some designers sought to improve….

Cook&Bath – Kitchen and Bathroom Interior Design by Roy Benjamin, Verdu Pierre & Denat Alexandra

Multifunctional Bathtub by Seung Hyun Lee, il Woong Jwa, Bom Yi Lee & Jiwon Moon

BATHSPHERE – Bathroom Concept by Alexander Zhukovsky

HI-MACS NotOnlyWhite Bathroom Collection by Marike Andeweg

Water Map – Basin by Julia Kononenko

Elevated Bathtub by Zhang Jiangpeng & Zou Tao

Drop – Toilet of Tomorrow by Pengfei LI

Spaces – OLED Shower by Simon Michel & Steffen Gramsch

Reece Mirror 2.0 by Robert Grynkofki

Ponding – Washbasin Redesign by Tae-jin Kim & Design Team-IIDEA


  • Miguel says:

    Wouldn’t it be simpler to connect the sink to the flush, so that the water exiting the sink would go directly to the flush reservoir? Imagine this, you go to the toilet, flush, then you wash your hands or whatever and the water is redirected to also fill the flush simultaneously to the flush inlet water. I can even imagine a small reservoir that fills with water from the sink on top of the flush reservoir

  • Andrew says:

    Miguel, it’s a good idea; Roca produced one of these called the ‘W+W’ about three years ago now. It is however priced at almost £3000.

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