A Lovely Little Clock with a Single Fuction

Or is it two functions? It tells time, yes, time perfectly well. But it eliminates the problem that I just saw, not 2 minutes ago, saw the tv character “Monk” having. At daylight savings time, a person has to set their clock back or forward exactly one hour. For some clocks, this is basically impossible because the spinner spins all the wheels spinning at the same spin. With this “Ora ilLegale” clock, as you can see, it’s a cinch!

For you Monks out there who’ve got to be precise about your daylight savings time changes. Some statistics of this minimalistic tic-toc wonder are as follows:

Material: wood and clock components
Colour: white or black
Dimensions: diameter 18 cm x 6 cm
Quartz movement

Is it a full package?

It will eventually be produced by NAVA, and will be displayed at the upcoming Milan Design Week. The designer, Denis Guidone, has had one other concept posted on Yanko, a clock too, how about that!

Designer: Denis Guidone

Tilt its base to set it forward or back one hour