A Lovely Little Clock with a Single Fuction

Or is it two functions? It tells time, yes, time perfectly well. But it eliminates the problem that I just saw, not 2 minutes ago, saw the tv character “Monk” having. At daylight savings time, a person has to set their clock back or forward exactly one hour. For some clocks, this is basically impossible because the spinner spins all the wheels spinning at the same spin. With this “Ora ilLegale” clock, as you can see, it’s a cinch!

For you Monks out there who’ve got to be precise about your daylight savings time changes. Some statistics of this minimalistic tic-toc wonder are as follows:

Material: wood and clock components
Colour: white or black
Dimensions: diameter 18 cm x 6 cm
Quartz movement

Is it a full package?

It will eventually be produced by NAVA, and will be displayed at the upcoming Milan Design Week. The designer, Denis Guidone, has had one other concept posted on Yanko, a clock too, how about that!

Designer: Denis Guidone

Tilt its base to set it forward or back one hour


  • porath says:

    this could be improved by having a number display with a weight at the bottom, so that would also change when you tip the clock 🙂

    but i suppose it would be easy enough to add it yourself.

  • Lamah says:

    So, to add functionality that will be used exactly twice a year, you have to run the risk of bumping your clock an hour forwards or backwards all year and not noticing?

    • anonymous says:


    • mohr says:

      I’m working for at danish company in Finland and also travel a lot from Helsinki to Copenhagen. There is exactly 1 hours difference between the two countries, so perfect for my home office table! Cool clock for anybody in same kind of situation.

  • Ben says:

    won’t it go forwards 1 hour and 5 minutes and backwards 55 minutes?

    • simon says:

      theres no minute hand, think about that

      • Ben says:

        That won’t matter, the hour hand still moves in relation to the minutes.

        So it’ll be 5 minutes off for half the year.

        Think about it.

        • schuyler says:

          no it will be right because it is pointing exactly to the hour then when you tip it its still pointing exactly to the hour mark, without the minute hand it shouldn’t get messed up

          • Joseph Blow says:

            What?! “Still pointing exactly to the hour mark”? But the ‘hour mark’ will suddenly become the ‘five minute mark’

          • Joseph Blow says:

            BTW, I realize it has no minute hand (that’s silly too!) but still the hour hand will be off by five minutes (30 degrees)

          • TomInc says:

            People please, do you still need to learn how to watch the time? Take one minute to thouroughly watch this clock and then think about your comment again.. the clock works, no question about it.

  • Love it to the bone,

    wish Id thought of it.

  • Paul says:

    Really makes me smile even at such an every day object and such a simple concept.

  • I wonder if Nava might be intrested in working with zippy on the phantom water clocks…..watcha think?

  • Colin says:


    Wow this is so creative! it really gives time as a physical element!

  • Henrique Staino says:

    this is excellent!

  • Beautifully executed design. I love its simplicity, in its aesthetics and funcionality. Wull definetly be getting one!

  • Brilliant….

    Love it

  • Emiat says:

    Useful until you accidentally knock it to the other side and you end up thinking you are a hour early or late.

  • Jurek says:

    Some time ago I have seen simillar concept but in form of a twelve sided polygon clock. To find the time in any part of the world you simply rotate and place the poligon clock to the particular country’s “base plane”.
    I am not sure how the issue of am. versus pm. was sorted out.
    Nice little project for the home handyman.

  • Bep says:

    I don’t know… I think it’s really silly. that there is no minute hand is a BIG issue. Of course because the 5 minute back and forth thing.
    Concepts are fine but sometimes there are so many little and big compromises in the design that the final concept just falls flat.
    case in point, see above.

  • Rono says:

    It’s cute. It’s weird that it has no minute hand though.

  • Toots de la Footsjel says:

    People! Chill. Ben Franklin had this design way back when. It works and works flawlessly. I have made many of them and gave them out as presents. Sheeeshe!

  • Toots de la Footsjelly says:

    People! Chill. Ben Franklin had this design way back when. It works and works flawlessly. I have made many of them and gave them out as presents. Sheeeshe!

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