Feeling Time

The Time-Touching Watch is an interesting piece of technology. It’s the kind that you wear like a bracelet and because it doesn’t have a dial, it communicates the time through touch. Essentially, it’s your arm that becomes the dial, and two ‘bumps’ serve as the watch’s hands. You can tell the time by feeling the position of the two bumps.

The designers’ goal was to provide time itself, and leave the interpretation to the wearer. And of course target it towards those who are sight impaired.

Time – Touching Watch is a 2013 red dot award: design concept winner.

Designers: Guan Xiaolei, He Zhengbiao, Huang Yao & Li Zeyuan


  • Eric says:

    This concept truly let you “feel the time” because there’s no way you could determine it with this kind of a watch around your wrist.

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