iPhone – A Case Sturdy

What if an iPhone could defend itself against the harshness of the environment it is subjected to? In a world less perfect than what Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive expected it to be, KLOQE comes to the rescue. This next to naked Aluminium iPhone case mimics the profile of the phone with such a slender profile that the entire KLOQE + iPhone 5 combo is slimmer than the naked iPhone 4. And thats not even the best part. The slide to lock, two part, KLOQE’s patent-pending design makes it the only all-aluminum iPhone case that does not affect your phone’s reception. The knight in shining armour; well matte Aluminium in this case (no pun intended), comes in multiple hues so that your phones can reflect your personality.

Designer : Sergio Troiani

Guest Post by Akhil T.