This Floater’s for the Eye

Sometimes you’re looking around and you get a speck of something in your eyeball sight line. It goes all over with your eye as you move your glazzies about! This is sort of like that, only it’s a cellphone. Designer Mac Funamizu totaled the amount of time he’s got his cellphone sitting on his desk for all to see to be 80% of his day. Lots of time for aesthetic beauty and interactive loveliness. This phone aims to please.

Focusing on the time the phone isn’t living in a pocket or helping a head communicate only adds up to 20% of Funamizu’s day. Other than that, it’s desk time. This phone is named “Floater” after the surfing maneuver. Don’t be dunking it in water anytime soon though, not H2O safe!

Floater A sits still on the table unless there’s a call, at which time it nods or rotates.

Floater B doesn’t move in the same way as A, instead having a supporter on the back to make the oval body stand nicely on a flat surface. Sliding the supporter the other way reveals a physical keyboard.

Designer: Mac Funamizu

Mobile Phone Concepts “Floater” from Mac Funamizu on Vimeo.


Floater cell phone by Mac Funamizu