Sterile Hands

Purell and other hand sanitizers do a good job at keeping hands clean, but they do lack the sense of giving a complete hand wash. Some sanitizers leave a sticky sensation in the hands! Offering another portable and eco-friendly solution is the Electrolux HandCleaner Project. It could do with some design refinements, but scores well in the solution-thinking part. Read on to know more.

Érik says, “The main problem is that the access to a source of clean water and soap, for washing hands, is not always easy and fast. The solution for that is an appliance that first, can be moved freely and easily; second, reduces the washing hands time; and third, eliminates the waste of water.”

  • Electrolux HandCleaner was designed based on the technology of luminous plasma gas, also used in TVs and electrical lamps.
  • By an electrical stimulus the same plasma gas can also be used to clean the hand’s impurities, through a combination with the existing gases in the atmosphere.
  • Due its rechargeable battery, the HandCleaner can be used multiple times during the day.
  • The device is made of a polymer body and activation of the systems is by touch.
  • The electrical current and creates the plasma. This plasma reacts with oxygen, nitrogen and water steam – found in the air – to destroy bacteria, fungi and viruses without harming your skin.
  • Electrolux HandCleaner is the intelligent mobile solution for sterilization of hands.

Designer: Érik Gurski Lima