Sterile Hands

Purell and other hand sanitizers do a good job at keeping hands clean, but they do lack the sense of giving a complete hand wash. Some sanitizers leave a sticky sensation in the hands! Offering another portable and eco-friendly solution is the Electrolux HandCleaner Project. It could do with some design refinements, but scores well in the solution-thinking part. Read on to know more.

Érik says, “The main problem is that the access to a source of clean water and soap, for washing hands, is not always easy and fast. The solution for that is an appliance that first, can be moved freely and easily; second, reduces the washing hands time; and third, eliminates the waste of water.”

  • Electrolux HandCleaner was designed based on the technology of luminous plasma gas, also used in TVs and electrical lamps.
  • By an electrical stimulus the same plasma gas can also be used to clean the hand’s impurities, through a combination with the existing gases in the atmosphere.
  • Due its rechargeable battery, the HandCleaner can be used multiple times during the day.
  • The device is made of a polymer body and activation of the systems is by touch.
  • The electrical current and creates the plasma. This plasma reacts with oxygen, nitrogen and water steam – found in the air – to destroy bacteria, fungi and viruses without harming your skin.
  • Electrolux HandCleaner is the intelligent mobile solution for sterilization of hands.

Designer: Érik Gurski Lima


  • serg says:

    Nice device!

  • Gravity says:

    If only they were out now. 🙂

  • olaf rinvolucri says:

    If this is feasible and not too expensive, it will take the world by storm. Think how much good this could do if bird flu really takes hold. Brilliant. Please get it to market as quick as possible

  • Hehe says:

    But think about it…. It is not really easy to carry about everyday and when you go for a meal… Usually you dont carry your bag with you. Unless it is really small like something you can put with your phone or wallet, i dont think many people will bother carrying this with them. It will just sooner or later end up in that storeroom in your home long forgotten

  • Don says:

    To clean one hand you have to hold the device with a dirty hand and then to clean the other hand you have to hold the now-dirty device with the hand you just cleaned?

  • Keith says:

    Plasma gas? What!? Plasma in TV’s is created by putting an extremely high voltage through a gas (think thousands of volts). A plasma is a gas that has been heated so high that the electrons have disassociated from the atoms. This would be better marketed as a hand-vaporizer.

    Seriously, do people just ignore reality completely when they come up with these things? How does superheated gas clean your hands without burning them?

  • Jasmine says:

    You mustn’t have read that after the cleaning of the first hand the device disinfects itself using the same process only changing the direction of the plasma.

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