Sit and Feel the Burn!

The U-Stool’s signature “U” shape is functional in getting the user to work their abdomen and legs to balance the rocking seat. This healthier method of active-sitting actually makes it easier to sit for longer periods of time by keeping the user shifting, thereby reducing strain on the back and hips. The user might burn more energy while seated, but  the design’s eco-friendly construction and production process cut back on its own energy consumption! It’s even compostable at the end of its life cycle!

Designers: Richard Clarkson, Zena Verda Pesta and Clay Kippen


  • Jade says:

    I m a product design student in creapole and i have to say that chair is very inspirational. We worked on a very similar project and it s really satisfying to see how other people did it.

  • Rahul S. says:

    Seating on edge will tumble it down as the base is curved & not firm but I love the form..

  • wgp says:

    Nice design,but I think it can not reducethe stain on the back.

  • KuchiBanga says:

    Pretty creative for with a workout value proposal and a low barrier to duplication. Kudos tho!

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