This vacuum pump merges the functionality of ziplock bags with a hard casing to reduce your leftover food wastage!

Storing leftovers in airtight zip-lock bags is a trick hard to follow. While mastering the dance of rolling your food tight and simultaneously sliding its bag closed might teach you patience, the prospect of leftovers always seems to circle back for seconds, and they’re just aren’t enough bags in the kitchen. Zhuhai Kelitong Electronic Co. Ltd., the company that brought us electric wine openers, has recently been recognized by iF Design for its new set of vacuum-sealed containers and automatic vacuum pump that render zip-lock bags a thing of the past.

Designed to provide food containers with high-vacuum storage to curb bacterial growth, Zhuhai’s vacuum storage system boasts that it can keep your leftovers sealed for three to five times longer than the standard food storage container. The hard plastic containers come with pre-delineated food zones that help users separate their food items and with a vacuum-sealed lid that works as the base for the accompanying pump. Zhuhai designed the vacuum pump to be automatic so that once it’s placed on top of a container’s lid and activated, the pump immediately begins pulling out the excess air inside of the container until it reaches a high-vacuum degree of -0.03 Mpa.

Each food storage container is constructed using FDA-approved Tritan materials, which means that the plastic used is BPA-free and can safely be reheated in microwave ovens. The designers built the food containers to be 70% lighter than common glassware containers so that once the containers have been vacuum-sealed, they can just as easily go into the lunch box and be transported anywhere. Once the container is ready for use again, the lid comes easily apart from the container so that each component can be properly cleaned and prepared for its next use.

Designer: Zhuhai Kelitong Electronic Co. Ltd.

Coming in three parts, each vacuum pump and lid attach to different containers.

Once the vacuum pump is activated, then excess air that could lead to bacterial growth is sucked up from the container.

An automatic vacuum pump works by draining in the container’s excess air until a vacuum degree of -0.03 Mpa is reached.

Each food storage container can be easily disassembled and put back together for cleaning and storing.

Designed to be 70% lighter than average glass food storage containers, these containers from Zhuhai are perfect to bring for lunch.