Early Pixel 9 Pro Leaks Stir Excitement: Could Google’s Latest Flagship Sport Bard AI and Shake Up Pricing Trends?

In a market where style and ergonomics are essential, the Google Pixel 9 Pro emerges as a notable contender. Its design, bearing a striking resemblance to the iPhone 15 Pro Max at first glance, makes a strong statement. Yet, a closer examination unveils Google’s distinct flair. The nuanced differences, such as the Pixel’s front-facing punch-hole camera, differentiate it from Apple’s Dynamic Island. Both models adopt the fashionable flat-edge design, marrying aesthetic allure with ergonomic ease.

@OnLeaks & MySmartPrice

Pixel 9 Pro leaks point to a new design language

This move towards flat edges, prevalent in both tablets and smartphones, might not just be about following trends. The renders from @OnLeaks and MySmartPrice point to the evolution of internal components, paving the way for slimmer devices. The ergonomic advantage of flat edges with a subtle taper is noteworthy, and credit goes to Apple for adopting this in the iPhone 15’s design. The Pixel series, though sleek, often felt a tad slippery, and this shift could enhance the user experience significantly. A potential reduction in bezel size, shrinking the display from 6.7 to 6.5 inches, would be a welcome change, emphasizing compactness without compromising on-screen space.

When it comes to the sides of the device, the Pixel 9 Pro retains the familiar placement of the power button and volume rocker on the right side, akin to the Pixel 8 Pro. If true, I applaud Google for retaining a physical SIM card, and simply relocating it is a practical touch, especially for those who frequently travel internationally.

@OnLeaks & MySmartPrice

Flipping to the back, the Pixel’s iconic design is unmistakable. The 12mm thick ‘visor,’ housing an additional camera, flash, and microphone cutout, is a signature Google feature. This design, closely resembling the new Pixel Fold, highlights Google’s consistent design language across its product range.

Google’s Pixel 9 Pro is stepping in the right direction with its design. It cleverly borrows elements from competitors and the visionary design of Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone. It seems Google acknowledges great design is about more than functionality; it’s about creating a connection with the user, a device that’s as pleasing to hold as it is to use.

When will the Pixel 9 Pro come out, and how much will it cost?

The anticipation around the Google Pixel 9 Pro’s release and pricing is palpable, especially given the early leaks compared to the Pixel 8 Pro’s timeline. This early buzz could hint at Google possibly introducing some notable changes this year. One intriguing possibility, although highly speculative, is the integration of Bard AI into the core of the Pixel 9 Pro, which would be a significant development.

@OnLeaks & MySmartPrice

Pricing predictions for the Pixel 9 Pro are challenging, especially considering the recent price dynamics in Google’s lineup. After an initial price increase, Google unexpectedly slashed prices, adding to the unpredictability. This move could influence the pricing strategy for the Pixel 9 Pro, but only time will tell how Google positions this eagerly awaited device in the market.