Putting the Book Back in eBook

TwistBook is an eReader with not 1 but 2 eInk screens connected by a flexible binding to mimic the familiar split of paper books. The bisected shape is perfect for protecting the dual screens and can be easily collapsed to throw in a bag or backpack. For enhanced personalization, users can customize their TwistBook by applying photos or art directly to the printable outside and inside covers.

Designer: Fabrice Dubuy


  • JimB says:

    I’d like to know a good deal more about this e-reader:
    Which OS does it use?
    Are the screens touch sensitive?
    What is the battery life like?
    Will any apps, particularly a keyboard and
    simple text editor be available?

    Short of an e-ink displayed phone this seems my ideal device.

  • Jan Erlandsen says:

    Lovely! I’ve always liked the rugged and reliable feel of a clamshell phone, so this foldable e-book design is right up my alley. Good job! Make sure the e-Ink screens are top notch (high resolution and as many grey levels as possible) and I’d definitely be interested in buying one.

  • it’s great… e-book design is wonderfull idea..

  • James says:

    JimB – you realise this is a concept and as such, questions such as those you asked are irrelevant at this stage.

  • JimB says:

    Hi James

    That was exactly the point of my asking these questions; I wasn’t sure of the stage in the design process that this eReader is at.

    There have been plenty of products displayed here that have in fact gone into production as well as ideas at various stages of development.

    Sooner or later these questions will have to be faced and could markedly effect the details of design and construction (not to even mention its ultimate price).

    But thanks for the clarification in any event.

  • fab says:

    thanks for your questions JimB, as you mentioned this project is actually at the very first step, I only have a few pictures, some technical skills and a solid passion for the world of ereading.
    I really believe in this project and this object shape though, and I would like to bring this project as far as I can.
    I’ll make a prototype as soon as possible and try to find support to get this ereader to production.

    thanks a lot to both of you Milton and Jan 🙂

  • fab says:

    thanks for your questions JimB, as you mentioned this project is actually at the very first step, I only have a few pictures, some technical skills and a solid passion for the world of ereading.
    I really believe in this project and this object shape though, and I would like to bring this project as far as I can.
    I’ll make a prototype as soon as possible and try to find support to get this ereader to production.

    thanks a lot to both of you Milton and Jan !

  • JimB says:

    Hi Fab

    Go for it! Let me know when you get one built; I’d be a starter as a tester.

    The potential to make this a mini- notebook/tablet with a number of apps that could take advantage of one screen as an input area while the other is the display, simply cannot be ignored.

    Good luck!

  • Salad says:

    This is useless.
    Books have two panes because every page is printed on both sides. You have to turn the pages because they are connected at one side, and then you have to start top left (in western world) cause that is where the backside of your previous page now is visible. If it were loose pages, you wouldn’t need the extended space but could just turn it and leave it in place. In fact, with softcovers, a lot of people fold their books to minimize its extension from double-pane to single-pane.
    Or, in other words: people do not need to see two pages next to each other, they just want to read the next page!
    So there really is no necissity for a second screen with an ebook. When you’ve read your left page, you’ll not need it anymore, making the left screen utterly useless half of the time – exactly every time you’re reading a right page. Moreover, with this design you’ll need two hands to hold it, while the flip-over-gesture on the screen also needs a free hand! Where do you get that? And still even more, if anybody flips one of the screens into the back-to-back-position for better handling, this makes the second screen even MORE useless. It’s just costing the manufacturer money without providing ANY additional benefit to the reader.

  • JL says:

    That is a great point, Salad, although it was a bit of a buzzkill.

  • fab says:

    Well, thanks for your interestings thoughts Salad. If you think from a technical point of view, you’don’t need 2 screens to read an ebook, that’s a fact. I have been studying reading and ereading quite deeply, talked to many readers & ereaders, and book experts, and I hear very often that the experience of reading on a tablet is unconfortable and is too much linked to the world of electronic than books. My goal is to create an ereader which would give a reading experience very similar with paper book reading.
    Regarding your two hands issue, I don’t get it, you also need two hands to handle a book but you still manage to turn the pages, don’t you? If you only need to touch the screen to turn a page like on a kobo ereader, it’s very easy to while holding the book…
    Also, I think you shouldn’t be so rigid with your statments only based on a few pictures. Microsoft, Nokia or Motorola missed majors evolutions in their industry, do you really think you are much smarter than these guys, that you can claim something is “useless” just because it doesn’t fit your needs or you can’t see any benefit from it?

  • Paolo says:

    For one hand operation (nice while using the other one to hold on a support on a bus or metro) just add a button or a touch sensor (which could be hidden by the cover) on the back. You can operate it with the thumb to turn pages back and forth. You actually need two of them on both sides of the reader because we don’t know which hand will be used to hold the reader.

    Overall this device is a good idea because for some contents doubling the visible area matters. Technical books or comics and illustrated books. For narrative one page or even a few lines are probably enough.

    My only concern is the weight. Most of it is the battery so it won’t be the double of a single screen reader but care must be taken to keep it light and balanced. This probably requires splitting the battery in two and placing the two halves in the two pages.

    I’d love to see this on Kickstarter.

  • Fab says:

    Thanks for your comment.
    I am also concern about the weight, obviously having two balanced panels is a mandatory, for a pleasant use.
    I think splitting the battery would be costly and complicated, and the batteries in e-readers are both small and quite light, mostly because of the low energy needs of e-Ink technology.
    The buttons positions and reading scenarios will depend on the mockup prototype I am making and the reading habits that I will deduce while using it.

  • Ker says:

    I am french journalist
    What is the price of your twistbook ?
    Yann ker

  • Amanda Hill says:

    Yes please.. I LOVE this idea… have you tried crowd sourcing the funding needed?

  • I am really enjoying the theme/design of your web site.
    Do you ever run into any browser compatibility issues?

    A handful of my blog audience have complained about my blog not working correctly in Explorer but looks great in Opera.
    Do you have any recommendations to help fix this issue?

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  • Myron says:

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