The Great BNTO Giveaway to Satisfy Hunger Pangs – Four Jars to WIN!

You have read about BNTO here so I am not going to waste my ink on it. Instead I am going to focus on how you can use it to stay fit and maybe lose a couple of pounds in the long run. When hunger strikes on the go, we usually end up gorging on a Mc D or Pizza Hut, in short greasy unhealthy snacks. BNTO gives you the advantage of carrying your own sumptuous snack and dip combination, thus a healthier option than many. WIN your very own BNTO NOW!!

Four BNTO’s are up for grabs, answer the following question to win one:

  • What are your favorite snack combinations that you will use with BNTO?

(Mine is a given – Nachos n Dip!)

Contest Rules

  • Standard Contest Rules Apply
  • 4 BNTO to be won
  • Contest closes: 8th August, midnight PST

I have has to battle my bulge for many years and for whatever reason, I have realized that every tiny modification to your diet can have a big impact in the long run. Bringing healthy snacks to work or school, plus saving on money by carrying your lunch from home, are two of the most significant impacts of using the BNTO. Tasty combos are just an incidental by-product.

If you need meal combo inspiration, then follow Cuppow’s Instagram Feed. They keep posting superb combos and mouthwatering treats!