Friday Giveaway: Pendant Vive le Constructions by is a brand new portal that allows us to get a little creative. It is essentially a place where 3D printed home decor, jewelry and accessories are available for customization. Today, they want YOU to get a bit creative and WIN this amazing Pendant Vive le Constructions! Answering the contest question will take you one step closer to customizing this beautiful pedant and bringing it home!

To WIN the Pendant Vive le Constructions, answer the following question:

  • Which is your favorite piece of jewelry that you own?

Contest Rules:

  • Standard Contest Rules Apply
  • Winner can order one piece of Pendant Vive le Constructions (value approx $100)
  • Winner will need to customize it and will deliver it by UPS
  • Contest Open to areas where UPS is able to deliver
  • Contest Closes: 23rd Sept midnight PST

Pendant Vive le Constructions

Fully customizable, this beautiful pendant is composed of six forms derived from a single basic shape – the circle. The design of the pendant is entirely in your hands and is crafted from stainless steel. Technological advances in working with stainless steel provide opportunities to produce these shapes in a stunning degree of fine detail.

More About

The biggest asset of is their 3D viewer or Design Lab, an area where you can view your handiwork and creations! This unique design portal allows you to customize your designs, celebrating your uniqueness. Top design in the areas of home decor, jewelry and accessories are available for customization.

  • Every final design is individually remodeled and built according the data you provide.
  • In nature every shape is unique and so are their products.
  • The designs come from the workshop of Daniel Roy, the co-founder of
  • Daniel´s workshop is based in the heart of modern design in London.
  • To minimize the environmental impact of their products, they manufacture them as close to the customer as possible. Items delivered to the U.S. are usually made directly in the U.S., while articles for the European market are made in the Netherlands and Belgium.