Fun Ball Sphero Is A Programmable Robot

Remember Sphero, the fun robotic ball you can control from your smartphone? We got a chance to learn more about it and discovered that it is also a completely programmable robot! In short, the fun robotic ball brings programming off the computer and into real life by letting you be the master. Bet you’d want to try one, which is why they are running a National Robotics Week Sphero 2.0 Sale!

Sphero allows you to program the ball to do fun things like drive autonomously, follow unique patterns, dance, and more. Kids as young as seven can learn how to program and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to get started. Check out this cool dance sequence that a Sphero owner created:

[youtube: 600 451]

Orbotix, the company behind Sphero, is celebrating National Robotics Week with a special offer!

  • Yanko Design readers get Sphero for $99 (normally $129).
  • Visit here before Monday, April 14th to get the discounted price.

They’ve also created 5 lessons to get you started learning how to program Sphero. These lessons are available to download at

Some Facts:

  • Students from elementary school to college courses can learn with Sphero – the only thing that changes is the software.
  • Beginners can use the app MacroLab. The macro system developed for Sphero has very practical applications, such as teaching kids and adults procedural thinking and basic programming skills.
  • With MacroLab, you can arrange commands and settings in any combination you choose to make Sphero do your bidding.
  • You can easily create a macro to have Sphero flash a color sequence. Boom, now you’re a programmer!
  • More advanced users can try orbBasic. This app allows you to actually type in code for Sphero to execute.
  • Even more advanced users can utilizes Sphero’s software development kits to create their own apps.
  • In fact, half of the 30+ apps available for Sphero have actually been created by third-party developers.

See how the girls club Little Miss Geek is using Sphero to teach girls how to program in the video below.

[youtube: 600 451]