The Face Of Innovation

There are many ways to dress your Samsung Galaxy S4 and while many covers claim utter protection, very few can pass the norm of being harmoniously designed as protective. The iFace Innovation is a superior Samsung Galaxy S4 Cover that features anti-shock function functionality and good looks. It even comes with iFace’s own electrostatic Stylus pen, with a specific slot to store it.

The deal with phone covers is that they have evolved to become more than just a protective case for our phones. They serve more purposes than one, for example with the iFace Innovation, you get the stylus plus it doubles up as a quick wallet. It has slots for you to slip in your cash and credit cards or transportation cards. The flip cover acts as protective shield for the display and it showcases the Caller ID. It even allows you answer calls without flipping it open. Available in cool colors, there are so many ways you can customize the cover to suit your style. Love it!

Designer: Kim Jin Seok for iFace [ Buy it Here ]