Simple Made Better

If this chair looks familiar, it’s because it’s seemingly similar to the iconic Eames DCM chair that’s been a staple since 1946. Called the NoCo2 chair, it too will cradle you in a comfortable position, and also uses rubber shock mounts to buffer movement. Instead of new rubber, however, it repurposes old scrap tires to cushion both the back and seat. Unlike the Eames, extra tensioned padding is given to the seat for a “floating” effect, more comfort, and a cool modern aesthetic!

Designer: Peter Danko


  • Evy says:

    All the chairs are really very attractive, specially the 3rd with the dark brown sheds.

  • Katherine says:

    That’s very nice design of this chair that you shared in this post and its very good project that you shared.the first one is really attractive.

  • Maria says:

    The material used in the chair is very attractive and the comfort level of seating is the main and very important thing to provide for every manufacturer.

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